Master’s Program in Applied Economics

The Master’s Program offered by the Department of Economics at Atılım University provides opportunities for students to specialize in applied economics. The goal of the program is to equip students with the qualifications necessary for finding positions in national and international organizations and prepare them for further academic study in related fields. The program also aims to provide the necessary foundations for students coming from diverse backgrounds who wish to pursue further postgraduate studies in the interdisciplinary doctoral Political Economy Program at Atılım University.

The program consists of five compulsory, two elective and one non-credit seminar course. The seminar course is intended to prepare students for writing a thesis in their chosen topic in applied economics.

There is also a non-thesis option for those students who opt out writing a thesis. In this case, students are required to successfully complete at least three more elective courses (for a total of 10 courses) and a non-credit Term Project course.

With the permission from their advisors and the department chair, students can take up to two elective courses from other programs offered by the Social Sciences Institute.

The language of instruction is Turkish.

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Semester #1 Mandatory Courses (Programs with or without thesis)
ECON 503 Microeconomics
ECON 505 Macroeconomics
ECON 507 Econometrics
Semester #2 Mandatory Courses (Programs with or without thesis)
ECON 500 Seminar
ECON 504 Applied Microeconomics
ECON 506 Applied Macroeconomics
Electives (Program with thesis: Minimum 2 courses; program without thesis: Minimum 5 courses)
ECON 509 International Economics
ECON 510 Public Economics
ECON 511 Economic Policy
ECON 512 Financial Economics
ECON 514 Ekonomic Integration
ECON 515 Globalization and Regionalization
ECON 521 Applied Econometrics
ECON 522 Economic Growth and Development
ECON 523 Turkish Economy
ECON 524 Fiscal Policy
ECON 526 Money and Monetary Policy
Non-credit Courses
ECON 542 Term Project (Non-credit)
ECON 599 Thesis